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Dyestuff and pigments

Being fascinated with colour sensation, you can not help but touch to feel hidden performance.



Since the matsuura originally started with natural dyestuff wholesaler of dying leaves in Kyoto in as old as 1877, the matsuura have traditionally provided to customers the leading edges of textile industry with latest technical service.
It is now such colour sensation and value-added function; fascinating people in textile industry and industrial material business where we are up to serve superior coordination.

Dyestuff and pigments

Reactive dye / Disperse dye / Vat dye / Basic dye / Cationic dye / Direct dye / Acid dye / Premetallized dye / Acid mordant dyestuff / Sulfide dye / Naphthol dye / Fluorescence dye / Compound dyestuff / Oil soluble dyestuff / Mixing dyestuff / Pigments

Textile chemicals

Scouring and bleaching agents / Levelling agents / Solidity degree improvement / Printing paste / Lubricating agents / Reducing agent / Oxidant / PH adjuster

Functional processed chemicals (for textile)

Processed resin for textile / Water-repellent agents / Fireproofing agents / Insecticide agents / Anti microorganism agent / Anti bacterium agent / Natural processed agent

Mixing dyestuff / PH adjuster / Autibacterial agent

Mixing dyestuff

  • Vitanyl Color (acid dye)
  • Vitasil Color (dispersing dyestuff)
  • Vitalan Color (acid auriferous dyestuff)
  • Acid Color (acid dye)
  • Reactive Color (reactive dye)
  • Disperse Color (dispersing dyestuff)

PH adjuster

Product name Manufacturing origin Principal ingredient Type of product Remarks
VITACID M Fuso Chemical Co., Ltd. Organic acid Powder Reduction of waste water treatment load
VITACID BF Organic acid Liquid The buffer effect is exellent of the dye acid


Autibacterial agent

Product name Manufacturing origin Principal ingredient Type of product Usage
Osaka Kasei Co., Ltd. Organic
nitrogen sulfur
with water
Antibacterial processing for Synthetic fiber and Cotton or other.
Advanced safety.Heatproof(200 over).Exhaust dyeing.Baking processing(Patent).Super-washing durability.(SEK mark For anti-bacterial deodorant finishing:)


Evaluation Test Lab

Evaluation test

At Research Laboratory where we has accumulated long-experienced technique and know-how, We are engaged in such test as Colour Coordination under Environmental Methodology and Functional Evaluation which Textile Industry shall pursued.


  • Computer-Colour System;
    Computer-Colour Matching(CCM), Colour Conditioning, Colour Characteristics, Whiteness Measurement
  • Dyeing Test
  • Various kinds of dyeing fastness test ( Light, washing, rubbing and sublimination etc.)
  • Utilising our testing experiences with expertise, we are happy to help you to develop new Product.


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