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Environmental policy



We have obtained ISO14001 certification in 2007.

Basic Concept

We fully appreciate that Reservation of the Earth Environment is one of Human being's common agenda.
Throughout all the business scope  Matsuura & Co., Ltd will pledge to contribute to Social and Economical Development and exert our utmost efforts to reserve constructive  environment of the Earth.
In order to fulfil the Pledge above, We will put down Matsuuras's Environmental Policy as follows.

Environmental Policy


  1. We will realise to effectively employ Natural Reserve and Energy and make the best use of recycling and reduction throughout all the business scope.
  2. We will provide you with product which will be The Earth Environmental-conscientious.
  3. We will compile with Environmental related -Law as well as Regulations and any other obligations committed Matsuura & Co., Ltd..
  4. Based on the Environmental Policy, we will introduce to operate Environmental Management to stop pollution and try to continuously improve the Environment.
  5. We will promote the environmental conscientiousness by making Environmental Policy known among the executives and all the employers.


Thus, We will publicly announce our Environment Policy in writing.



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