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LED ,so-called "the fourth generation of lighting" is well-considered ideal device for energy -saving and environment to operate with low power consumption to enjoy a long-life usage.
Versatile and emerging applications are born seamlessly such as backlight for display goods, Illuminations Sign-Board Display, and Lighting appliances etc.
Matsuura & Co ltd., will make comprehensive proposal for LED-relevant solutions to meet customers' needs and realise their expectation from individual devices sourcing to turnkey solution such as processed or semi-assembled unit.

Items Type Characteristics
LED PowerLED ,Chip LED,
Top LED,SideView LED,
LAMP &High Flux LED
ecological, long life, less-energy, low power
downsizing, water-proof, dimmer
SMT to hi-power brightness
LED Driver 5W(350mA, 700mA), 10W(350mA, 700mA),
30W(700mA, 1050mA, 1400mA)
WaterProof IP67.MTBF(5000hrs/25゜C)
PSE approval
LED Power-Supply 20W(12V, 24V),
40W(12V, 24V),
60W(12V, 24V),
100W(12V, 24V, 36V, 48V)
WaterProof IP67.MTBF(5000hrs/25゜C)
PSE approval
Heat Dissipation Materials heat dissipation silicon, heat dissipation rubber
double-sided silicon adhesive tape,
thermal conductive tape
high-thermal conductive compound resin
high-thermal conductivity, Low thermal resistance, usable for wide temperature range and ideal performance
ingredients-supply and moulding, resin plate or sheet
Light Guide, Diffusion Board, Transmittance Plate methacrylate resin sheet
sourcing of materials to semi-assembled process
Reflection Plate methacrylate resin Sheet sourcing of materials to semi-assembled process
Optical Materials lens silicon, epoxy
Assembly ,Module    


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