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We are in the foremost position of ecological chemical material to lead the industry.


To satisfy newly emerging reimbursement of values and meet growing environmental concerns, MATSUURA will provide you with as wide product scope as possible including eco-green business in flexible and agile manner. Sourcing competitive and high quality chemical basic material and fine chemical from domestic and foreign market, we will continue to seek for next stage- business possibility to realise entirely new business model beyond horizon such as bridging over disparate industries.

◆Inorganic chemicals
Industrial soda products / Ammoniacal product / Acids / Alkalis / High-pressure gas / Industrial precious metals / etc.

◆Organic chemicals
Organic solvents / Plastics / Latex / Surface-active agent / Oils and fats products / High-pressure gas / etc.

◆Fine chemicals
Organic intermediates / Polymer additive / High performance resin / Water treatment agents / Paints print ink agents / Silicone / etc.

◆Industrial materials
Coating resins / Aqueous and hot-melt adhesives / Processing paper / Various films / Vacuum heat insulator or Heat insulator / Chemicals for paper manufacture / Chemicals for wood processing / etc.

Thermoplastic resin / Thermosetting resin / Functional resins / Metal mold / etc.

◆Environmental material
Polymer flocculant / Oil absorbing mat / Heavy metal chelate agents / Activated carbon / etc.

◆Special goods
Micro beads for cosmetics.

Special goods

Specialty Chemical

Name Ingredient Type application Remarks
Fine Pearl Cross-linked
and perfect
sphere shape
High-class filler field needing
a luster and slipperiness
Transparent and
    perfect sphere
Optical reflexive reflection
Heat resistance
Tolerance to acid
    and alkali
Tolerance to solvent
Narrow and gathered
    particles distribution

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