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Message from matsuura

Chemical Sales Department of Matsuura & Co., Ltd captions "C" as Cooperate Concept.


This "C" will function to link us with the rest of the world;


" Chemical coordinates with Customer's Satisfaction."


While IT revolution witness new sea change in the World,
Matsuura & Co., Ltd have grown with Chemical Business as main pier for more than 140 years.


With long-learned expertise and established know-how cultivated by passions and dedication, we will be ready to make agile and highly qualified proposal to go ahead for new-year opening, international and global concept.


From a view point of Switching Chemical of bringing out ideal harmony of natural environmental to Science, we will play a role of bridging our client of manufactures into tomorrow's World, providing new merchandise and devices and sharing a burden of ever-lasting expanding future.


Believing that those working on Chemical Industry should anytime aim to keep the Earth Environment friendly for Human being to live a peaceful and secure life, We, Matsuura & Co., as a whole are trying to highly appreciate Green-Chemistry as Business Creed and diversify Business Arena of Chemical onto Science.

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