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Founder Matsuura Koushichi was born as third son of the eighth Kameya Sakyo in Kashiwara in foot of Mt. Ibuki, Oomi country in 1845, Japan.
Koushichi was engaged in a moxa dealer as family business, then, he bigan to work for Yamasakiyatahei store (currently Tanakanao dyestuff dealer) in 1868.
He set out transit-dealing in natural dyestuffs in 1877.
Koushichi's steady sales policy and up-coming management made better sales ranked with other natural dyestuff dealer in ten years after setting up a new branch of the family.
Time drastically changed from Natural Dyestuff to Artificial Dyestuff.
The Second, Matuura Husazo (The first President of Matsuura & Co Ltd) was born as third son of the ninth Kameya Sakyo.
In 1894 he commenced working for his uncle, Koushichi when he was 11 years old.
Husazo , a successor of Koushichi. got over much turbulence such as big recession or reactionary recession after the Great War that happened this country.
He played an active part as a man of influence of the dye industry and had a big footprint for development of Matsuura dye wholesaler business and prosperity.

Painter Utagawa Hiroshige painted moxa store of KAMEYA-IBUKIDO at KASHIHARA in his painting of "KISOKAIDO 69 Inns"
Painter Utagawa Hiroshige painted moxa store of KAMEYA-IBUKIDO at KASHIHARA in his painting of "KISOKAIDO 69 Inns"
Head Office in Osaka built in 1987.
Head Office in Osaka built in 1987.

History of Matsuura & Co. Ltd ,who plays a role of Cultivating and Developing future with chemical.

1877 Opening dealer of in-transit for paints and herb to dye in Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto. Matsuura Store grows steadily thanks to stable management Credo and futuristic business policy.
1903 The matsuura moves to SENBA, Osaka, commercial centre to follow suit with market change fromNatural dye to synthetic dye.
1908 Nagoya Store opens.
1915 When Tokyo branch opens, The Matsuura enhances business operation to establish themselves as Whole sale dealer of dyestuff at the time of late Meiji and early Taoishou period. The Matsuura operates as in-transit dealer of domestic dyestuff of Nihon Senryoseizo.
1916 Developed into general partnership Matsuura Dye store with paid-up capital of 250,000 yen.
1919 Developed into Matsuura Store Co., & Ltd. (capital of 1 million yen).
1922 Head Office is relocated into Osaka, opening Wakayama and Fukuyama branches to operate nationwide.
1923 Great Earthquake-Kanto DAISHINSAI causes terrible damage to office and goods burned down completely.
1925 Hamamatsu branch opens.
1930-1937 The Matsuura as dealer of Dyestuff leads the industry to expand oversea operation everywhere in China, and Korea. Capital is increased into 2 million Yen.
1938 Inahata Co. and the Matsuura opens joint-investment company in Manchuria.
1939 Home product division newly opens to start selling cosmetic of " Vit-All " under registered trademark.
1943 Chemical Synthesis distribution Co. opens.
1945 Nagoya branch and Osaka Head office are destroyed by fire in the World war II.
1952 Capital is increased into 6million Yen.
1956 Fukui branch opens with an increased Capital of 12million yen to strengthen overall business operation of Chemical product across the board.
1964 Company name is chaned into Matsuura & Co Ltd.
1969 Sumitomo Chemical as major business partner participating in Matsuutra management enables to re-start with one of affiliated companies under Sumitomo Chemical.
1973 Capital is increased into 30 million yen.
1977 Tokyo and Nagoya branch office are completed.
1987 Osaka Head Office is opened.
1994 Strengthening sales operation by introducing divisional management.
1996 Capital is increased into 60million yen.
1999-2000 To look at further expansion growing into Chemical-Specialty Trading Company , Sales Organisation is redesigned into four(4) division such as dyestuff, Chemical, electronic equipment, and functional materials.
2002 Sales Division is unified.
2007 ISO14001 is acquired.
Under new members of the board celebrating 130th annuversaly as vintage year of reformation for Matsuura &, Company is progressing into the next stage with new Motto "Challenge, Efforts and Endurance".
2008 Hokuriku Regional Sales Office opens.
2010 Taiwanese office for residence opens.
2013 Completion of Matsuura Nihonbashi Building(Matsuura new Tokyo branch building)
2014 MATSUURA SINGAPORE PTE.LTD.,a local subsidiary opens in SINGAPORE.
2019 Matsuura Holdings Co., Ltd. was established as a holding company.
2020 Matsuura Holdings Co., Ltd. acquired all the shares from the founding family members of Matsuura.


Where did this trademark come from?

Japanese Old saying"Oni ni kanabou", literally translated " A demon is armed with an iron rod.", which metaphorically implies " That would really give us a decisive advantage".
Once "Oni" or "a demon "is labelled as trademark on product, product itself becomes appealing and strong to attract customers , which constitutes" Image of Oni Trademark".
Looking back at the history of Matsuura & Co.,LTD. where Oni label is employed for imported dye, matsuura-original and unique one, in the year of late 1920's and early 1930's,
History of dying business industry frequently seen effect and relevant achievement as a result of "Oni ni kanabou, or that would give us a decisive advantage".

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